Basic Tenets of Construction Law

If you are planning to build a home, as an investment property or your place of residence, you will need to find a reliable contractor and crew rather than looking for a lawyer. However, there are several concerns which require the guidance of an attorney who concentrates in this area. You should note that construction law deals with issues relevant to the construction of commercial properties and homes. It is necessary to know the basics as they can help you if your property comes under scrutiny. The following are some roles of a construction lawyer:


A lawyer with specialization in construction can help you negotiate a contract. Remember that you must have a contract on the land where the building or home will be built. It is advisable to seek legal assistance if there are concerns about the land.2we2 construction law

Builders’ liens

Whenever a subcontractor, workers, or contractor on a given project claim a lien, this means that he or she is claiming payment for a job done particularly a renovation. The entity or person who holds the title of the property is responsible for payment of the claim. Therefore, if there are disputes or issues involving the contractor, you may need the assistance of a professional construction attorney.

Insurance claims

Construction lawyers offer counsel in various insurance cases. If your home or commercial property is damaged following a storm or theft or fire, and you have, or problems with insurance claims, a lawyer with a bias in construction law can be helpful.

On-site personal injury

2w22 construction lawAlthough there are several lawyers specializing in personal injury law, construction lawyers can offer assistance in areas where personal injury occurs during the renovation, repair, or construction. This is because construction situation may differ a lot from other situations such as car accidents. It is advisable to look for services of an attorney with knowledge in construction law.

You should look for a person with a lot of experience in construction law to help you build up a commercial or residential property. You probably require a person onsite each day. It is a good idea to have a lawyer at hand in case a legal dispute arises. It does not matter whether you have disagreements over land issues, you should seek legal representation to make the process quick as possible. The above are some areas where a construction lawyer can be of great help.…