Grenadier Battalion von Koehler/Graf/Platte

Service in North America:

  • Ft Washington, NY, 1776
  • Ft Lee, NJ, 1776
  • New Jersey, 1776-1777
  • New York 1777-1783
  • Redesignated Graf, 1779
  • Charleston, SC, 1780
  • Redesignated Platte, 1781
The Battalion was composed of the grenadier companies from the Garrison Regiments of von Wissenbach, von Stein, and Buenau, and also the flank company from the Grenadier Regiment Rall.

From left to right: Buenau, Rall, von Stein, von Wissenbach
The battalion had no flags.
(von Stein should have orange facings. The watercolor has faded to yellow).

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