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Equipment of the Hessian Soldier

The treaty between Great Britian and Hesse-Kassel stipulated that: "This corps shall be compleatly equipped and provided with tents, and all accountrements of which it may stand in need; in a word shall be put upon the best footing possible." The Hessian corps was issued with tools and tents before their departure, as well as ammunition.

The soldier's personal equipment consisted of:

  • 2 linen shirts
  • 1 waistcoat.
  • 1 pair woolen breeches.
  • 1 wool soldier's coat.
  • 2 pair of stockings.
  • 1 pair of shoes and extra soles for them
  • 1 pair woolen gaiters.
  • 1 neck stock
  • 1 sword belt
  • 1 sword or 'hanger'
  • 1 cartridge box with leather strap
  • 1 linen bread bag
  • 1 cowhide knapsack
  • 1 canteen
  • 1 musket with red leather strap.
  • 1 bayonet.
  • Depending on the soldier's unit, either a tricorn hat, Grenadier mitre or fusilier mitre.

The link below will take you to an illustration of the typical load a musketeer would carry, in German and in English.

In addition, the soldier would have smaller items stored in his knapsack.

The soldiers were to get new clothes every year, but the distances from Hesse to America made resupply difficult. Sometimes the soldiers went without new clothes for more than a year.

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